Professional security guard services in Delhi/NCR and Uttar Pradesh

KPO Security India Pvt Ltd is one of the best companies to cater to you with the best professional security guard. It has been able to manage, train, and recruit the best security guards. With the increasing crime rates, it is crucial to have skilled security guards. KPO Security India Pvt Ltd trains them to serve you the best. We offer different kinds of security guard services. Here are the different kinds of security guard services provided by the company.

1. Security Guard Guards go through intensive training and then receive a certificate that informs you about their qualifications and skills. The guards are trained to make your place safe for you. They can be hired for the security of any place. The guards are trained for a strict duty for every place and are highly professional and committed to their duty. The guardsgo after advanced techniques to operate known and unknown situations. You can count on them for complete security.

2. Gunman Our responsive and intelligent gunmen carry out their duty with full dedication. Our best gunmen can meet your industrial needs. Gunmen are proficient in handling the security activities of your area. The areas in which they are expertise are malls security, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, and stores. They are trained to drive all the security issues that are increasing nowadays and are the best in their work.

3. PSO (personal security officer) Our trained personal security officers are highly trained in giving you reliable personal security. They are fine at giving security services to those who are in the spotlight. We perceive the areas that need to be covered for personal security. Our PSOs serve their best to those who are athletes, celebrities, officers, diplomates, news correspondents, and many more. PSO’s have been trained with advanced preparation and alertness. PSOs can keep you safe under any condition.

4. Bouncer or personal security We grant those bouncers to our clients that are well trained and smart enough to give you protection. They are not only experienced but have a police verification certificate from their native place. Especially, considering today’s time,bouncers have a certificate stipulate their health report so that you remain safe from the pandemic. Our bouncers give their duty at malls, cooperate offices, bars, discos, and hotels. Our bouncers are trustworthy and work according to your needs. You can rely on them.

5. Offices and societies Our security guards can handle the security of offices and societies. The guards are trained in a way that they can handle unseen situations as well. They use advanced technology to keep a timely check. Guards work in shifts and follow your guidelines. Our guards can superintend your society and the office very well. The guards are highly responsible and do their duty very well. They are trained to work according to your way.

6. Commercial security Our guards are highly affluent. They are accessible for both day and night shifts. The guards are trained especially for security at commercial security. They have all advanced ways to give security. Our guards are available at an affordable price. You can rely on them for their commercial security. The guards know how to prevent theft or robbery and have been trained for using guns as well. Our guards make certain that your place remains safe from every threat. Commercial security guards are highly smart in handling all the challenging situations.

7. Residential security Our certified security guards know how to deliver the best security in the residential area and take note of all those who enter and leave the area. Residential guards make sure that all the residents are safe and secure. They can effortlessly prevent any theft or robbery. Residential security guards practice all those things that are essential and advanced. They keep up a daily record of the visitors of the residential building and are trustworthy and can give the best security to the residents.

8. Mall security Due to a lot of people in the mall every time, it is vital to have the best security for it. Robbery or theft can take place at any time. Terrorist activities can take place at any time. We provide highly trained and skilled guards to manage all the above situations. They guarantee the safety of kids that usually get lost at such places and always ready to give a helping handto older people. Our guards are stalwart to their work and do not get afraid of any situation.

9. Private event security Private events need special security so that no unauthorized person enters. You cannot give leadership to anyone. We have guards that are specialized in private event security. They make sure to allow authorized people to set foot in. Without improper security, people will not be able to enjoy the event. Our guards can handle all the hurdles that can ruin the event. They ensure safe entry and exit of the people at the event. With our guards, you can let your guests enjoy the event freely.

Why you choose us? KPO Security India Pvt Ltd is the only platform where you will acquire guards for all the places. Your security is our responsibility- We understand the significance of security; that’s why we provide you only experienced and trained guards. We have top-rated security guards-our security guards are trained to ensure your security. They are trustworthy.