Company profile

Founded on 20th December 2017, KPO Security India Private Limited is one of the leading companies in the field of security services. It is a non-government company that has been able to hold a firm position in the industry.

The leading figures of the company are Lalit Kumar Sharma (Chairman), M.K Pandey (Vice President), Ansh Kumar Sharma (CEO), Sambhav Luthra (GM), and Ramkhiladi Sharma (Director).

The company has extensive knowledge and experience in security services. The policy of integration and partnership with clients has helped us to access success. KPO Security India Private Limited knows well to make the use of the workforce in the right direction. That’s why the company has made a leading contribution to recruitment and training.

Through continuous efforts, KPO has been able to achieve staff motivation and customer satisfaction. We believe in perfect training at the initial stage of technicians so that they can reach the level of perfection easily. We deliver service that is a combination of an innovative and customer-centered approach. With us, we let you focus on your business rather than worrying about security issues. Our quality service brings peace of mind to our customers.

Why us?

There are many security service providers in the market. Though you can prefer anyone, only we can assure you of the quality service.

We understand the modern-day needs and concerns of security. We provide you with the security guards after doing extensive research about your needs. We believe in having a transparent and cordial relationship with our clients that allows us to understand their needs well.

Good communication allows space for our customers to speak freely about their concerns. We believe in giving time to time suggestions and update our customers about the recent development in the industry. Our security guards go through effective training under the surveillance of experienced guides to ensure proper safety for customers.

Our services

We provide security through the following services:

1. Bouncers for personal security- we understand the need for personal security nowadays. Our trained and certified bouncers can provide you security at all places.

We provide you with only experienced bouncers, and you can customize them according to your need. You can hire them for the whole day. Before reaching you, they go through strict training and various checks. They provide you safety at night clubs, private and public events, concerts, etc.

You cannot ensure your safety when you step out. Enemies are always in search of a chance to harm you whenever it is possible. Our bouncers are the ones that can protect you from all possible dangers.

2. Gunman- we provide trained and experienced gunman for ATMs, Banks, shops, and other places. They come to you fully equipped with guns and rifles. They are provided with training from time to time to use the latest equipment.

Our gunmen are highly responsible and expert in their job. You can enjoy complete safety with them. They can handle every challenging situation and ensure safety for all. Banks and ATMs are always under the surveillance of robbers and thieves. Without proper safety, the lives of the visitors remain at risk.

Our gunmen have been trained in such a way that they can ensure safety without risking even a single life. Hire our gunman for the best safety.

3. PSO (Personal Security Officer)- We understand very well that known personalities need safety all the time. Only a personal security officer can fulfil the need for personal security. The lives of famous personalities remain at risk, especially in public places. A personal security officer is the one to ensure safety.

The time has come when you should start thinking about your safety measures. With us, you can give all your worries to us and enjoy safe movement. Our PSOs are certified, and you can rely on them for proper safety.

4. Security for offices and societies- Offices are one of those places where many crimes take place. In societies, children are among those who become the victim of a crime. It is important to have full-time surveillance on them. Security management and security guards can help to protect them.

In offices, every employee makes sure that they work in a safe environment. Only an experienced and certified security guard can ensure this. The reputation of the office is affected a lot whenever any criminal activity takes place.

With our security service, you can make sure of the safety at societies and offices. They are trained in a way to follow all the safety measures to ensure safety, such as maintenance of records of those who enter and leave societies and offices.

5. Commercial security- We are an expert in providing commercial security. Commercial places are one of the easily targeted places for criminals. It is better to have a reliable security guard at such places. A lot of people visit commercial areas that make it difficult to identify someone with the wrong intentions.

This can be done only by an experienced and trained security guard. Our security guards are very professional and understand their duty well. You will not get even a single chance to complain. We keep them updating with the latest ways to counter challenging situations.

6. Residential security- Every day we hear news about crimes being committed in residential areas. How can you check that your area is safe or not? There is no such way to check. The only way is to hire the best security service. With the best security service, you get proper security management with experienced security guards. Remote access and biometric identification are some of the ways that are used by us to ensure safety.

We have experience in ensuring residential security. Due to our quality work, we are a highly-recommended security service provider. Our security guard makes sure that only authorized people make entry and leave. They keep regular checks through monitoring and reviewing cameras.

7. Mall security- At shopping malls and complexes, a lot of people come daily. The responsibility for their safety lies in the hands of the owner of the mall. Any incident of any criminal activity in a mall affects its reputation a lot, which results in reduced sales.

Pick-pocketing and theft are some of the common criminal activities that happen in malls. Our security guards make sure to check every person who enters the mall. They follow all the safety practices. When you hire our service, the responsibility of safety lies in our hands.

8. Private event security- At private events, everyone is worried about the safety of their near and dear ones. Without proper safety, there is always a chance of any mishappening. With the increasing crime rate, it is time to start thinking about the safety of your near and dear ones.

Hire our security management and security guards to ensure security for all. You can enjoy your people and let others also enjoy it with our security guards and bouncers.

Our values and aim

Our values speak for us. We maintain transparency with our clients. We are highly responsible and understand the need of customers. We are honest with our profession and train our technicians and engineers to do the same.

We have a firm belief in hard work. Our team is ever ready to tackle challenging situations. Our work is based on our values.

We aim to deliver proper safety and make your place safer than before. We are working hard to bring the day when no one will feel afraid of stepping out. Our hard work is paying us off in the form of satisfaction to our customers.

Concluding words

Crime rates are increasing at an alarming rate. It’s time to start thinking about the security near you and at your place. Do not depend on any random security service provider. Hire only a professional and experienced security service provider, such as KPO Security India Private Limited. We can assure you of proper safety management and safety measures. It’s time to bring changes to your safety system.

Start thinking about the safety measures and get the best security service with KPO Security India Private Limited!

Basic information

  • • Company Name- KPO Security India Pvt Ltd
  • • CIN No-U74999DL2017PTC327420
  • • Office: F35 B, Ground floor, Gali No-20, Mangal Bazar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092
  • • Branch Office: Anuj Telecom Nahar Bypass, Market Dadri, G.B. Nagar-203207
  • • Contact persons- Lalit Kumar Sharma (Chair Person) +91 99111 10866, +91 92125 16856
  • • M K Pandey-8368505999