About Us (KPO Security India Private Limited)

Founded on 20th December 2017, KPO Security India Private Limited is a leading company in the industry of security services. With our continuous efforts, we have been able to hold a firm position in the industry.

The leading figures of the company are Lalit Kumar Sharma (Chairman), M.K Pandey (Vice President), Ansh Kumar Sharma (CEO), Sambhav Luthra (GM), and Ramkhiladi Sharma (Director).

We offer various security services for different places. Our service includes security for malls, banks, ATMs, public and private events, and personal security. Our quality security service speaks for us. We do not compromise anything to ensure security for our customers.The company has extensive knowledge and experience in security services. The policy of integration and partnership with clients has helped us to access success. KPO Security India Private Limited knows well to make the use of the workforce in the right direction. That’s why the company has made a leading contribution to recruitment and training.

We are highly-responsible and experienced. Years of experience have helped us to improvise our service. We have a strong belief in hard work and are always open to criticism. We give space to customers to express their concerns and requirement. We believe in maintaining an honest and transparent relationship with them so that both of us can communicate well and look out for the requirements. Our priority lies with urgent requirements. Separate teams have been made for handling recruitment and providing appropriate security guards for all the purposes.

KPO is one of those companies that understand the importance of security. We are well aware of the rising crime rates in Delhi/NCR. We aim to ensure complete safety for all and bring a day when no one will be afraid of stepping out. To achieve this, we train our security guards for handling all the situations. They are trained under the surveillance of experts. Certification is also provided with every security guard and bouncer to ensure that they are skilled and experienced. We keep updating them with the latest ways to ensure safety.

We are jubilant to share that we are one of the highly-recommended companies for security service. Our belief in having a cordial relationship with customers has helped to achieve our recommendation by customers. You can rely on us for complete safety for all the places. Our vision is to achieve mastery over all the security services. Other than security services, we offer pieces of advice and suggestions as well, from time to time.

In a nutshell, we are more than a security service provider. With our service, there is no scope for any mistake. We allow customers to customize service as per their needs and concerns. We assure you safety for you and your near and dear ones!