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We provide hassle-free CMC (Comprehensive Maintenance Contract) services in Delhi NCR

Sweksha Elevator under KPO Techventure Pvt Ltd is one of the leading companies to provide CMC for lifts/elevators. Lifts/elevators speed up time and improve the efficiency of work. Any disturbance in them can affect all the residents, visitors, and employees. When it comes to some of the famous buildings and shopping complexes, improper or stuck lifts/elevators affect their reputation. Here you need Sweksha Elevator! Want timely maintenance and repair of lifts/elevators?

We are there for you. Our timely and quality service not only speak for us but saves your reputation as well. With us, you will be promised timely and quality maintenance. Delays or extension is not our cup of tea. We are highly professional and committed to our work. Our work speaks for our values and ethics. Browse our website to know more about us and our services! We offer many types of CMC services:

1. Shopping complex

●Lift maintenance and installation: - our skilled technicians and engineers are trained to serve only the best. We train them timely so that they can finely operate the installation and maintenance. They are a keen observer and do not let you bother for any reoccurring problem. We hire only experts for your service. Proper installation is essential in a shopping complexes as a lot of lives are at risk. Our engineers make sure that lift/elevators go through the required modifications from time to time so that the beauty of the complex is not hampered.

●Emergency call attained: - The best CMC service provider is one who can assist you during an emergency as well. We, unlike others, do not leave customers to handle their problems themselves. We are always ready to come to the forefront and tackle problems. In shopping complexes, there is a high risk of major to minor accidents. Our emergency team is always ready to reciprocate to an emergency call. Our team arrives at your place with the necessary equipment to prevent further delay in the treatment of the problem.

2. Corporate office

●Lift maintenance and installation: - Sweksha Elevator is the right for lifts/elevators installment and maintenance. We have the best engineers for this. While working, our technicians make sure that your normal functioning is not disturbed. With us, there is no hassle for maintenance and installation. Maintenance is done with the advanced and best techniques to reduce noise and disturbance. Our technicians have advanced training.

●Emergency call attained: - Emergency needs to resolve as fast as possible. Delay in the treatment of an urgent problem can delay the normal functioning of the office as well. Our expert team can tackle such situations very well. They can do it very well without bothering you. From getting the tools to all the other tasks, our technicians take care of all the things. They come with all the things ready in their hand.

3. Shopping malls

●Lift maintenance and installation: - at such busy places, it is vital to get all the things done before the crowd starts entering. If installation and repair are done in the presence of the crowd, then it might disturb them. For sure, you would not like to affect the crowd and look of your place. You can depend on us for timely and permanent work. Without delays and extensions, your things will get repaired within the stipulated time. Our technicians work with the latest equipment to reduce the noise. We have professionals to fix all your problems.

● Emergency call attained: - we never get late for an urgent service. Our priority lies with an emergency call. We are well aware of the urgent problems; therefore, we have a team specialist in this. You might get troubled with the emergency, but not us. Know why? Because we can get hold over it easily. Our experience has taught us a lot and improved our delivery as well.

Our Responsibility

We never forget our responsibility to our customers. We are highly professional and responsible.

Priority service- urgent or emergency calls are our utmost priority. We can not let you wait for an urgent service. We make schedules to serve all the customers timely. We work with full dedication and are stalwart.With our company, there is no chance of complaints or faults.

Dedicated relationship- cordial relationship with customers is our motive. With a cordial relationship, we can serve better customers and understand them well. Better relationships allow us to connect well with customers and give them space to speak freely about our work. In a contract, generally, customers feel bound to express themselves.

Emergency assistance- you cannot coordinate with a service provider that cannot assist you during an emergency. We are always present during an emergency. We are just one call away. Emergency assistance is there in the contract. You need not negotiate for it. Our team, with years of experience, is available for every urgent service.

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F35 B, Ground floor, Gali No-20, Mangal Bazar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092

Tel : +91-9911110866 / 9212516856

Car Elevators, Goods & Freight Elevators, Passenger Elevators, Tower Elevators, Bungalow Elevators, Capsule Elevators, Hydraulic Elevators, Machine Roomless Lift, Hospital/Stretcher Elevators, Dumb Waiter, Stair Lifts.
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